Our Sweet Story !

Ours is a tale of two brothers, Yeshwanth and Ashwin, who set out on a culinary expedition across Europe. While on their journey, they stumbled across a few too many habitants of the land sipping on shakes and beverages with such joy, that they completely disregarded their surroundings.

Rumour has it that Godzilla tore down half the city around them

A feeling rushed past the brothers like a Deccan wind on a winter night. “Why shouldn’t our people feel the same glee?” said one. The rest is mouth watering history.

We opened our doors in the winter of 2013 to Hyderabad, little did we expect the whole city would be pouring in!

Just a little over 8 years later, we have the world sipping on awesomeness!

We have over 50 toppings and flavours to choose from

Warning: you might get lost in a swirl of ingredients as you try and choose your perfect blend.

Just in case you are wondering, that is around


Unique combinations of shakes to choose from!